Report 2nd RSA-Research-Seminar “Interdependency of (Women) Entrepreneurship and regional development”

On November the 6th 2013 the second Regional Studies Association (RSA) -Research-Seminar of the RSA-Network “Entrepreneurship, Gender and Structural Transformation” took place at the University Duisburg-Essen. Dr. Ute Pascher-Kirsch, head of the research group “Employment and Equal Opportunities”, and her colleagues from the Rhine-Ruhr-Institute for Social Research and Political Consultancy(RISP) were organizing the meeting.


Dr. Pascher-Kirsch welcomes the participants

 Thanks to Prof. emeritus Dr. Franz Lehner, former Director of the Institute of Work and Technology/ University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen in cooperation with the Ruhr-University Bochum and now free-lancing scholar, who gave the guest lecture. His lecture “Towards a knowledge economy: Structural transformation in old industrial region” gave the participants a decent starting point for the later discussion in the two working groups.



 Prof. em. Dr. Lehner gives a lecture on structural transformation in the Ruhr-Area

 The session “(Women) entrepreneurship from a regional perspective/ concerning regional aspects” was chaired by Dr. Pascher-Kirsch and another one on “New Approaches of Entrepreneurship Education” by Prof. Dr. Ilona Ebbers (University of Flensburg) together with Dr. Brigitte Halbfas (University of Wuppertal).

In both working groups, there were roundtable presentations of the participants and discussions on possible common research questions and perspectives:



 Afterwards all participants of the seminar came together to present each other the compiled results of the Working Groups. Additionally further steps on research collaboration have been discussed.



 Dr. Halbfas and Prof. Dr. Ebbers explaining the results of Working Group 2.


 Prof. Dr. Stryjakiewicz invites the participants to Poznań

 It was agreed to meet up in Poland in April 2014 to work on with the identified research ideas and questions. Prof. Dr. Thadeusz Stryjakiewicz spoke out the invitation from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań.

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